Ready for Spring?

Will we are sure ready for spring and it will be here before we know it! We are a little behind in getting puppy pictures updated its been a little too cold out to get the puppies outside to play and for us too! But with that being said I hope this catches you starting… Read more »

Perfect Day for Snuggling

It has been really cold day here in Iowa only reaching temp of 32 degrees Brrrr!! I got to enjoy playing with these adorable fur balls they have exceptional temperaments… I maybe a little bias because these puppies come from my dog Starlight she had eight puppies and raised all of them! Starlight has a… Read more »

Puppy Update

Good morning, We are at it again!:) It has been a busy week with the care of puppies to insure you are handed a healthy puppy! We had the vet here at our place to check out our building and all the puppies got checked and given a clean bill of health!!! The puppies are… Read more »

Life on the Farm

Howdy! So today I was thinking about giving a little peek into our life. First off I’m Michaela, Ed and Gwen’s daughter you may get a call or text from me with puppy information or pictures that you have requested. I have started helping out along with my two children with the puppies and day… Read more »

Spa Day for the Puppies

Will today is a dreary day here in Southern Iowa it is drizzling and foggy out but that dosen’t stop us! Our puppies are enjoying a day of spa treatment getting baths, nails trimmed, and pictures taken!!


Reserve yours today before they are gone!!! We still have a few of these adorable playful puppies waiting to go to their forever homes this Holiday Season!! We had these puppies inside for awhile  my Grandchildren were having so much fun playing with these pups. They are begining to show their  little personalities and begining… Read more »